Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Olivia {4-6 months}

Eating solids, sitting up, and talking away!

Olivia's eating issues were at their all time high between 4-5 months. So I said goodbye to my job at Starbucks. I was sad to leave because I really did love my job and my boss and coworkers, plus I was really good at my job and it gave me purpose even if that purpose was just to make a latte perfect. But I had to do what I felt was best for Liv and thankfully it really did help her tremendously. We started solids at 5 1/2 months but didn't really love food until 6 months or so. Sweet potatoes and squash were favorites and the list has grown since.

Liv started sitting up at on her own about 6 1/2 months and also moved into her own room too! I waited a while to do this because I was so worried something would happen and I wouldn't hear her, but everything worked out great and I love that we have our own places to sleep. It is great for my own sanity.

 During these months we celebrated Liv's first Halloween and Thanksgiving. Liv was dedicated to the Lord in October too, and Uncle Danny and Aunt Christina came to visit for that. Nana and Papa bought a new house, which also meant that I said goodbye to the only home I have known and the house that I grew up in. It is a little bittersweet but the new house is complete with an indoor pool and 7 acres so that helps quite a bit.

Olivia also experienced her first and only flu which debuted in an emergency room visit for such a high fever and wheezing (over reaction on my part but better safe than sorry! ) Liv also learned how to jump in her exersaucer which made it ten times cooler for her! Liv is half way to her first birthday and so so fun!

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