Some of "Us"

I can honestly say that Erik is my other half. He and I have been together for so long and have truly woven our lives together. Quite simply, we grew up and grew up together. My past is his past, and who I am is interwoven with who he is. And I wouldn't change a thing. We feel so right :) Erik and I actually met when I was just thirteen years old. I was brace face and as awkward as they come, and he was a freshman in high school thinking he was all cool, with his super tight shirts, spiked hair, and the cocky attitude to match! Barf. I can cut him some slack because we did go to a super small school so I guess he was hot stuff, just don't tell him I admitted that! I actually couldn't stand the kid when I first met him. Something about him bothered me. I had the biggest crush on his best friend, and he was dating a senior girl at the time. He was the last thing on my mind. I ended up dating his best friend for like 2.5 months and only after that did I see Erik in a new light. I knew he liked me, but I was hesitant. I kept saying over and over, "I only want to start dating him if we're gonna be for the long run!" (What fourteen year old says that, really?!) Anyways, I had no idea that I truly meant it and that he would one day be my husband! We definitely had our ups and down throughout high school as every high school couple does, oh the drama! But we made it through the thick and thin and are happier than ever. Erik asked me to go to movie with him and some friends late May 28th 2004, and here we are, eight years later expecting our first child on May 28th 2012 :)

We got married on February 26, 2011 and are coming up on our one year anniversary. Our first year of marriage was nothing like I expected. It was so much better! Everyone kept warning us that the first year is the hardest, its so stressful, hard to mesh your lives together, blah blah. But it has been awesome! We just feel so natural, and I never had any freak out moments like some warned me of. Sure we bicker, but thats just us. Our first year of marriage was way fun and its only getting better every day. It got even better just two weeks ago when we bought our first house. We are finally getting settled in and it is starting to feel like home. I am content, and blessed :)

Charles Bug 

Zoey Loo

This year we also got two puppies! Both were spontaneous and unplanned but they have become our little family. And I am thinking they are adjusting to the new house just fine :) Charlie Bug is the oldest, she will be one on March 11th (yes, there will be a party!) and Zoey is the rambunctious little sister, all wiggly and clumsy, and she'll be one on September 9th! We just love our girls!