Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Olivia {2-4months}

Olivia is laughing, rolling over, and cute as ever.

Olivia is seriously the sweetest thing. She rolled over right at three months from her stomach to back. She lost all of her beautiful dark newborn hair, she rocked the old man style for a bit. We started bottles of breast milk at 5 weeks to see if that would help with her cluster feeding and fussiness at the breast. It gave me a break yet demanded that I pump. At four months, her eating struggles were at their worst and I was beyond exhausted. I was working and waking up multiple times at night with her, and getting up at 2:45 to feed her, pump then head to work for the day. It was hectic and I don't know how I did it! We had to have a barium swallow test, x rays, and other tests with specialists to try and figure out why she was eating so horribly, and constantly throwing up, but we never received any answers. We started trying bath time at the end of four months, but Liv was still pretty unsure about the whole and lots of tears were had at the end of bath time. We are completely off the breast and only bottle-feeding and this mama is pumping around the clock!

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