Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Miss Independent {6-8 months}

Crawling, singing, talking and kissing!

Olivia has flourished the last two months! We are on a schedule that works 80% of the time, she is eating fantastically, and cruising all around. Liv says mama, dada, and nana, though she says dada the most. Speaking of daddy, Liv's favorite part of the day is when daddy walks through that door after work, she just gleams and screams with excitement! Liv is learning so much every day, and loves to explore. Her favorite toy right now is mr.puppy, which use to be one of my old toys from my childhood, so its special. Prior to mr.puppy, her all time favorite toy was mr.owl, but sadly mr.owl is currently residing in Charlie or Zoey's intestines and I am sure will make its appearance sooner rather than later. Liv will not be getting mr.owl back though... 

Olivia loves bath time! She sits in the tub all by herself and splashing nonstop. We are still toothless at the moment but I have a feeling those bottom front teeth will be coming in the next few weeks! I can't wait to see that beautiful smile of hers complete with some pearly whites. 

Olivia also has a new cousin. She is the only girl with three boy nephews! Zeke Daniel Bajza was welcomed January 6th! We are actually flying out to Utah this weekend to go meet the little guy and I can not wait. Liv is going to seem so gigantic to him, though she only weighs 5 more pounds than the little chunk! I can't wait to meet my brother's son and am so happy for them! 

One of my favorite new things Olivia does is SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT! You all have no idea how happy this makes me! Even if she does wake up in the middle of night, 75% of the time she will settle herself back down and I don't even have to get out of my warm cozy bed! I shouldn't brag like this because thats always bad luck but I have thoroughly enjoyed the last few weeks of good solid shut eye! 

My sweet girl is growing up so very fast and it is truly getting better and better by the day. Who knew love could just keep growing like it has!

 Zoey is Olivia's best friend. These two just love each other! 

 She started making this face a couple weeks ago and its just my favorite!

Helping mama bake cookies!

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