Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thirteen Weeks To Go!

This little pumpkin will be here before we know it. I have officially hit the third trimester, which blows me away. This pregnancy has flown by and the reality of actually having a baby, a real life child, is starting to hit me even now and then. It is scary, exciting, mind-blowing, everything all at once. I know that I am not ready for this incredible life change nor do I have any capacity to even realize how much of a life change this will be... but I guess this is all a part of it all, right?

My prayer for tonight is just for a healthy, happy baby. I am so blessed to be given this tiny little life to care for and raise up, that I can not ask for much more than that. I pray that this sweet little baby knows how loved he or she is already and how loved they will be for the rest of their lives by so many people. Most importantly though, how loved they are by God himself. God knows them and has formed them, every hair on their head, each fingerprint line, and has set their very heart in motion. This child of mine is a miracle. A tiny little miracle. I am so humbled.

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