Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So... I have new favorite room in the house. It is, of course, our little munchkin's room. I just adore it. I have had soo much fun getting it together. Here is the breakdown of whats been done so far. First, we had to prime prime and prime some more. This room, believe it or not, was the brightest shade of fuchsia and hot pink I have ever seen. It was gag worthy. But now it is beautiful :) After we primed, we painted the top half of the wall with Valspar paint in "Peaceful" (totally appropriate right?). I recommend spending the extra $$ on this paint. Not only is it low odor and zero VOC, but it is high quality -that is just one coat you see there. Super awesome.

Okay so next, we primed the bottom half again! (I am totally going to skip all the trouble we went through trying to get bead-board up first - it was a disaster and I am out 50 bucks, sigh). But we put up this chair rail molding. And now that it is all done, I am actually glad my bead board ambitions were shot down, it is a very clean, uncluttered look.Word to the wise, use your leveler each time you put a nail in, drywall is not actually flat. You will need to caulk along the top half of the board because there will be gaps. And be sure to use a caulk gun and paintable caulk. It really finishes the look. Then we painted the bottom half, including the baseboard and chair rail in Olympic Premium "Ultra White" Semi Gloss (Stick to semi gloss because this white is gonna get dirty and you want to be able to clean it!) Be sure all your nails are covered in paint too! I highly recommend using a Shur-Line Edger for this next part, its way easier than taping. So using the upper wall color, run the Edger along the top ledge of the chair rail to straighten the line and finish the look. The caulking will make an uneven, unfinished line into your wall color and this cleans it right up. There is so much more I need to do, but I love it so far. I just keep picturing rocking my sweet little miracle in that chair, and putting he or she down in their first little bed. My baby's going to grow up in that room, dream sweet little dreams in that bed, and play for hours on end on that carpet. MmmmMmmm
.... my heart is so full :)
I picked up these metal birdies at Hobby Lobby for  just $3.50 each!
I will. Every little square inch! $12.99 I picked this up at Hobby Lobs too. 
Far from complete, but I just love the overall look :)

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