Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oh January!

Twenty twelve has gotten off to a rocky start. January has been such a roller coaster, so many good things, but so many unexpected downsides as well.

Mama Bajza had to have her hip replaced at the beginning of January and is recovering amazingly well! But it was definitely a week of no sleep for me, not that I minded though :) Then, the Sunday following her surgery, I had to be admitted to the hospital because I had passed out during church (super embarrassing by the way) and the doctors just wanted to run precautionary tests. Then, that Thursday evening, Erik had to go to the hospital because I suspected an appendicitis and lo and behold, was right. He had an emergency appendectomy on Friday - so again, no sleep for me. Less than a week later I had to pack up our entire home to be moved out and ready to go into our very own home. However, the night before we were due to close on our home, we found out that the seller neglected to finish their final paperwork and closing got pushed back a whole week. So Erik and I are homeless at the moment - which is not bad, we get to be spoiled at my parents house for a week, however the whole process was exhausting and disappointing to say the least.

On the upside though, I am starting my sixth month of pregnancy now, and everything is going great. Baby is kicking up a storm daily, and I just adore watching the little one move his or her feet, elbows and hands all across my tummy. It is such a miracle to witness! I still can not believe that I have the privilege of being a mommy and so blessed to experience pregnancy. I feel so empowered and proud to be a woman. I am amazed by the strength and very nature of our bodies and so amazed by our perfect Creator who set this entire process in motion and is intricately involved in every moment. I feel so incredibly humbled.

2012 has started off a little crazy, but it is looking like one heck of a good year - soo many milestones to look forward too. Erik and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary of marriage! Crazy! Our first child's birthday will be sometime is May, or June (fingers crossed for May tho! Yikes) We will be homeowners and Lord only knows what else!

I can not wait :)

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  1. Kelly! I'm so happy for you. I still remember the time when we celebrated your bday at Chuck something ( I forgot the name) and I also met Erik. You two are perfect for each other and I just knew at the time! Really miss you and I am also happy that you have a blog so it will keep us updated!