Wednesday, January 11, 2012

how i wonder who you are...

twinkle twinkle little star.... how i wonder who you are

So today I had my week 21 checkup and it was simply amazing. I got to see my son or daughter, all 11 ounces, moving around, being all cute like. In a lot of the sonograms the baby has one or both hands behind its head, just chillin' - funny thing is, that is exactly how Erik sleeps at night. So, like Daddy like Baby :) I could not be happier and could not be more anxious and excited to touch that adorable face for myself! My heart has never been more full, just bursting with gratitude and love!

Had a hard time getting the little gymnast to hold still long enough but check out that pot belly! 

Baby is even smiling for the camera here :)
teeny little feet and toes, that I can't wait to kiss!

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