Sunday, June 2, 2013

We are an Air Force Family

Erik has officially left us. It is just me and Olivia this summer and beyond. We knew this day was coming for so long and I can not believe the time has already come and gone. Erik left less than a week ago for Basic Training down in San Antonio. And it has been the most insane week ever. Olivia came down with a 103 degree fever a couple days before Erik left and it continued for the next 4 days. Turns out she had the Roseola Virus - which causes a very high fever, and a rash all over once it breaks. She also had a horrible ear infection. In the midst of all of this, we were dealing with a cow's milk allergy and trying to find an alternative - the allergic reaction caused a horrible diaper rash, vomiting and horrendous diarrhea. Sorry for the TMI but that is the life we are living in! Olivia was absolutely hysterical for the first two days, screaming and crying nonstop. It was miserable. Trying to change vomit covered sheets in the middle of the night, while a diarrhea filled diaper is leaking out onto me. And yesterday, our hot water heater broke just at bath time. So I have a screaming baby in a cold tub and a flooding basement and no water for the weekend. So much has happened these few days that it feels like months that Erik has been gone. I can not wait until Thursday when I get to talk to him again!

I am trying to stay positive, as hard as it has been. I have tried to abide in God's promises this week, knowing that no matter how lonely I feel, I am never truly alone. It has been a trying week, but we have gotten through it. I have had such a wonderful outpour of support from friends and family - it has made me feel so blessed! The little texts that ask how we are holding up, the "Im thinking of you" notes in the mail, and the phone calls from friends I haven't gotten to talk to in awhile. I am blessed to have another mama in my neighborhood whose husband has deployed twice and knows exactly what I am going through - she brought wine over for some girl talk last night and we talked for hours! Just what I needed! I feel blessed and loved - I can not wait for these next 16 or so weeks to fly by. Only 7 more weeks until I get to see Erik graduate Basics! Can not wait to see my handsome airman graduate!

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