Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Little [BIG] Girl {9-11 months}

My sweet Olivia will be a year old next month! Someone tell me how this happened! What an incredible year it has been, and Olivia has changed and grown so much. She went from my teeny tiny helpless babe to an independent little lady who loves to crawl, stand up, dance, and talk. She has the incredible gift of bringing such a unique joy to my day. Every morning I come into her room and she just beams the sweetest smile and squints and scrunches her nose from the sunshine I let in with me. She usually snuggles for a brief moment on my shoulder and then happily tells me a story. I will cherish being there for moments like these for the rest of my life. I am so lucky!

So much has happened since I last updated, but the most exciting news is that Erik finally booked a job with the Air Force. He will be entering into Active Duty May 28th! What a date that day has turned into - our anniversary (Nine years this year!!! woo!) and the due date of our first child, and now the beginning of his new career! I am so proud of him and I know he is going to love it and excel in every area! But I am also dreading not having him home anymore. He will be leaving for basics first, which is over eight weeks, then straight on to tech school, which is four months. Basically Erik is leaving us for the rest of 2013. My heart aches just thinking about it - not only for my own selfish reasons, but because he is going to miss so much - Olivia's first steps, her first phrase, and so many firsts I can't even count. I know the thought of leaving his little girl is tearing him up inside too. Those two just adore each other and there will be such an emptiness in our home without him. There is so much I am going to miss. Families were not meant to be torn apart like this - it is unnatural and cruel. I know we will get through, but it will not be easy. Erik is everything to me and not being able to talk to him whenever I want or need is going to be one of the hardest parts. We will be tested as a family, I just need to focus on the good this will bring us and bright future we have as a family. I love my Airman dearly and am immensely grateful for the sacrifice he is making for us. I am looking forward to summer and some sunshine and am hoping Olivia and I can make the most of the months ahead, just the two of us, and can enjoy beautiful Colorado lots before we are onto who knows where!

"I got a remote, and I am ready to roll, making things happen cause Im in control!"
 {only moms with a certain toy will get this ;) }

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